I genuinely resent how ‘respecting parents’ often translates into allowing yourself to be an emotional (or even physical) punching bag, doormat or vessel for them to relentlessly project their idealized image of the perfect child, which often proves detrimental and inhibiting. Fuck that shit.

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23rd September
23rd September
23rd September
22nd September
Okay so here’s what’s going on




It is EXTREMELY early in the morning here, i’ve already been up for a bit and I have a meeting at 7am sooo.. I’m just going to stay up a while then nap later I guess, whatever.

I’ve always known that me and my face is all over the internet, and that people say gross shit about me all of the time. That’s fine. I expected it.

However, someone alerted me last night to the fact that these people who dislike me - the anti-sjw bloggers, the white supremacists, 4chan and reddit etc,. have decided to go further

By submitting pictures I post of my baby sister and cousin to pedophilic image boards. Boards sexualizing Asian children or “lolicon” manga. This was a blatant attack at me, as not long after I was alerted to the images, they were removed due to violation of the board’s rules (apparently even pedophiles have some).

In addition to that, a lot of my pictures (and pictures of me with my best friend) was being posted around in various places, asking people to attempt to doxx me, etc. Tumblr included. I also saw a person who decided to write a graphic “fanfiction” of how he wants to pull my eyes out of my socket and fuck me in the “empty bloody socket”.


So, I have decided that i’m not posting anymore selcas.

People calling me a tr*nny, etc. and spreading my pictures all over the place was never a concern of mine. I knew it’d happen and if nothing else, I welcomed it.

However, apparently I thought even the white supremest garbage that despised me would have common sense enough to not tamper with the CENSORED pictures I would post of my family.

But, I was wrong. These people who believe i’m a “racist”, that I promote “white genocide”, retaliate by doing the only thing that actually upsets me - sexualizing and promoting the rape of children.

I’m going to repeat that.

They think i’m racist against white people.

So they decide to sexually abuse children to get back at me.

I’m not dense; I know a big part of what got me my popularity and notoriety is my face. Like I said, being called slurs was fine. Being threatened with rape, etc. was fine. Those creepy Asian fetishizing blogs jacking off to my pictures, was fine. But they know the abuse of children is something that gets to me and naturally, to prove that i’m a BAD HITLER PERSON, that’s what they tried to do.

My pictures are still around, I will post more in the future perhaps, but i’m going to be more careful about what I do most. I just instinctively thought that even the worst racist garbage would leave babies alone but nope, Asian babies like Asian person are not human to them and are therefore open to abuse. A few of these images have been removed after being repeatedly reported for posting without consent. I don’t know if more are you there. I don’t want to know.

But anyway.

That’s it for now.

there are no words for this. I’m sorry Jun.

Yet people still use the sorry ass excuse of “Oh it’s the Internet” or “Oh it’s 4chan!”

Like it’s fucking right to subjugate those close to you, it’s a fucking disgrace and these subhuman parasites deserved to get hounded down, whoever did this shit.

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22nd September

i was really into this song when i first heard it

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22nd September
22nd September

Sophia Al Maria | Qatar
"Scout" is first of a series called “The Breakers”. They are based on the great breakwaters laid in interlocking bundles along the coasts of the Arabian Gulf. In the late 70s and early 80s, Qatar began the process of land reclamation with the aid of these huge concrete objects to raise new buildings and skyscrapers. They are a temporary solution to the inevitable approach of the future and the irrevocable loss of the past. This makes them ultimate objects of denial - powerful but unnoticed symbols of this historical moment in the Gulf.
When visiting Scout, you are invited to place your ear to the surface as you would to a seashell. The echoing voice inside is an Arabic excerpt from the 1977 Voyager spacecraft’s golden record of sounds from Earth and it’s inhabitants.
.تحياتنا للأصدقاء في النجوم. يا ليت يجمعنا الزمان
“Greetings to our friends in the stars. May time bring us together.”
22nd September
22nd September
22nd September
22nd September

‘Noct’, A Top-Down Survival Horror Video Game Viewed Through the Lens of a Thermal Imaging Satellite
22nd September



White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

this post wont die 

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22nd September
22nd September

22nd September